How To Get Your VA Disability Rating Increased

I am already receiving VA Disability Compensation benefits, but my disability has worsened. Can I apply for an increased rating?

Yes! If your medical condition has deteriorated since you received your disability rating, or if you think the VA made the wrong decision regarding your disability rating, you should ask the VA to take a second look. Continue reading “How To Get Your VA Disability Rating Increased”

VA Disability Ratings, or, Why can’t the VA add?

When we talk about VA Disability Compensation benefits, we inevitably end up talking about disability ratings, aka VA ratings. So what are disability ratings? In short, your disability rating is the VA’s way of saying exactly how disabled you are, and thus, to what monthly benefit amount you are entitled. This seems easy enough, but it gets complicated the more disabilities you have. Continue reading “VA Disability Ratings, or, Why can’t the VA add?”